Board of Directors

Hana O'Looney


Hana O'Looney is a junior at Richard Montgomery High School. She is the former Outreach Director for MoCo EmpowHER and is ecstatic to work with this year's new team to continue to grow the organization and help girls across Montgomery County unlock their full potential. Hana hopes to continue to grow the accessibility of EmpowHER and build a community of strong young women to take into adulthood. 

Isra Qadri


Isra Qadri is a junior at Wootton High School. As someone that has been involved with advocacy for a while as part of March For Our Lives, MoCo For Change, and more. She is excited to use EmpowHER as an opportunity to highlight new female voices in Montgomery County and create a platform to better the community. 

Helena Aytenfisu

Communications Director

Helena is a senior at Richard Montgomery High School, and she’s very excited to be a part of the MoCo EmpowHER leadership team! EmpowHER has helped her grow tremendously as an advocate, and she hopes to help others do the same. 

Sammer Hajhamad

Finance Director

Sammer Hajamad is a senior at Bethesda Chevy Chase High School. She joined the MoCo EmpowHer family after attending her first meeting at the start of 2019. She is an avid advocate that is involved in MSP, Montgomery County Regional SGA (MCR-SGA), and MoCo STEPS. She hopes that this year she is able to continue to use her voice in hopes of finding justice for the voiceless, while also meeting some phenomenal people. 

Paris Ye

Press Director

Paris Ye is a sophomore at Richard Montgomery High School. She is thrilled to be a part of this powerful team of women and excited to be the press coordinator this year. She wants to help give back to the organization and community that helped her grow so much and hopes to use her position to inspire more women to go further.

Rediet Ghebrehiwet

Service Director

Rediet Ghebrehiwet is a senior at Richard Montgomery High School. She has been a member of Moco EmpowHER for two years and is excited to be on leadership this year and work to help other young women find their voice, as it helped her. This year, she hopes to focus EmpowHER on the community, by introducing service activities and opportunities.

Janaylin Carela

Social Media Director

Janaylin Carela is a junior at Albert Einstein High School. She is beyond excited to lead all of our social media. She believes that this is such a special opportunity to be able to communicate with so many empowered women. She is inspired to use her position to increase the number of members, and to keep everyone informed with upcoming events. Make sure to follow MoCo EmpowHer on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

Nour Faragallah


Nour Faragallah is a sophomore at Walter Johnson High School. She is very enthusiastic to document EmpowHER's journey and steps this year. She hopes to help other women find their voices as advocates in the county as much the organization has helped her.