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Ananya Tadikonda


Ananya Tadikonda was a founding member of MoCo EmpowHER serving as the Montgomery County Student Member of the Board of Education (SMOB) from 2018-2019. She is a Morehead Cain scholarship recipient and is currently studying at the University of North Carolina -Chapel Hill.

Omisa Jinsi


Omisa cofounded MoCoEmpower along with Ananya Tadikonda in 2017 in hopes of creating a hub for female empowerment and advocacy in MCPS. MoCoEmpower and student government inspired Omisa to delve into computer science and artificial intelligence. She is currently a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University studying Cognitive Science and Robotics. She hopes to enter the autonomous vehicle industry.


Yasmine Thalia Pierre


Yasmine Pierre was a founding member of MoCo EmpowHER serving as the Vice Chair for the 2017 - 2018 school year. She is a National Society of Black Engineers Future Innovator Scholar and is currently studying bioengineering at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Isabelle Scholes-Young


Isabelle Scholes-Young is a founding member of MoCo EmpowHER who previously served as Treasurer from 2017-2018, Vice Chair from 2018-2019, and Co-Chair from 2019-2020. Isabelle has been so proud to watch this organization grow across the county, and she is especially excited about launching the Leadership Institute at the end of her term. She is currently a student at American University studying Political Science in the Honors Program.


Amisha Kunvar


Amisha Kunvar served as the Chair for MoCo EmpowHER (2018-2019); she was also a founding member & secretary of the organization. After graduating from Northwest High School, Amisha is currently studying Computer Engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park. She hopes to empower women in the STEM industry.

Emnet Kahsay


Starting off as one of the founding members of Moco EmpowHER, Emnet was the former communications director (2018-19) and chair of MoCo EmpowHER (2019-2020). During Emnet’s time, she worked with her co-chair Isabelle Scholes-Young to establish monthly themed meetings, invite speakers from every career field, tailor workshops to girls around the county, and establish an overall structure to the organization. Her favorite memories include Panera meetings and the self defense workshop. After graduating from Richard Montgomery High School, Emnet is off to Stanford University to major in education & economics to jump start her career in education equity.


Diba Ghaed


Diba is the former (2018-2019) Communications Director of MoCo EmpowHER as well as a founding member of the organization. Diba’s favorite experience from her term was the planning and execution of the 2019 Maryland Women’s Leadership Forum (co-hosted by MASC). She is forever grateful for the deep sense of community which was fostered between the Directors. After graduating from Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, Diba is currently studying Political Science and Economics at Yale University.

Khava Tsarni


Khava Tsarni is a graduate of Watkins Mill High School currently studying at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado. She loved MoCo EmpowHER for giving her a community of young women to advocate for women's rights.


Uma Fox


Uma was MocoEmpowHER’s financial coordinator (2019-2020) and a cofounder of the Women’s Leadership Institute. She loved its supportive community and the multitude of opportunities for intersectional discussion and education that she helped to lead. Currently, Uma is a United World College Davis Scholar at Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong. There, she studies the International Baccalaureate with students from over 80 countries. She also participates in various advocacy and community service initiatives.  Uma hopes to encourage greater engagement of womxn in international politics and independent travel.

Andrea Anaya


Andrea started off as a member of MoCo EmpowHER after attending the Women’s Leadership Forum in 2018. The following year she joined MoCo EmpowHER’s leadership team as the fundraising coordinator (2019-2020). During Andrea’s time, she worked to increase the organization's funds, invited speakers from different career fields and helped lead workshops with her fellow directors. Andrea has enjoyed watching MoCo EmpowHer grow members from different areas of the county. After graduating from John F Kennedy High School, Andrea will attend Marymount University to major in Political Science & Secondary Education.


Hana O'Looney


Hana O'Looney is a senior at Richard Montgomery High School and is the former Outreach Director and Co-Chair for MoCo EmpowHER. During her time in MoCo EmpowHER, Hana most enjoyed helping girls across Montgomery County unlock their full potential. She is currently serving as Montgomery County’s 44th Student Member of the Board and was appointed on July 1, 2021 after winning the SMOB election in April, 2021. She also works with the PERIOD non-profit organization which fights to end period poverty and lead the menstrual movement.  

Helena Aytenfisu


Helena is a graduate of Richard Montgomery High School, and the former Communications Director of MoCo EmpowHer! Helena cherishes her time in EmpowHER where she was able to work with other women in the county and takes what she learned into her future endeavors.  MoCo EmpowHer has helped her grow tremendously as an advocate, and she has enjoyed helping others do the same. 


Sammer Hajhamad


Sammer Hajamad is a graduate of Bethesda Chevy Chase High School and the former Finance Director of MoCo EmpowHER. She joined the MoCo EmpowHER family after attending her first meeting at the start of 2019. She was an avid student advocate in Montgomery County that was involved in MSP, Montgomery County Regional SGA (MCR-SGA), and MoCo STEPS. She currently attends the University of Maryland and continues to use her voice in hopes of finding justice for the voiceless and meeting phenomenal people.  

Rediet Ghebrehiwet


Rediet Ghebrehiwet is a graduate of Richard Montgomery High School and the former Service Director of MoCo EmpowHER. She had been a member of Moco EmpowHER for three total years to help other young women find their voice, and found that being a part of EmpowHER helped her as well.  During her time in EmpowHER, she was able to introduce service activities and opportunities and create a community focus.

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